Philipp Barteska

Philipp Barteska


I am an economics PhD candidate at the London School of Economics.

My research focusses on questions in development economics at the intersection with political economy and organizational economics.

My JMP links the implementation of an industrial policy in South Korea between 1962 and 2001 to individual bureaucrats. I find that the policy’s success heavily depends on these bureaucrats.

More broadly, I seek to understand how economic development is affected by the interaction of policies and state capacity.



Mass Vaccination and Educational Attainment: Evidence from the 1967 Measles Eradication Campaign in the United States

Investigating the Deep: Weberian or Patronage Networks in Haïti's Bureaucracy?


Development and Growth

LSE: 2019-2023 (MSc-level)

LSE Class Teacher Bonus Award, Economics Department - 2020-2023 (based on students’ ratings)

  • “Very organized and clear.” (Spring 2023)
  • “He is very enthusiastic when teaching” (Spring 2022)
  • “The teacher encourages a lot of participation!” (Spring 2021)
  • “Philipp is very dynamic and the slides are helpful” (Fall 2020)
  • “Very clear step-by-step explanation of assignment and very insightful interpretation of the result.” (Fall 2022)
  • “Very interesting and being taught in a very engaging manner.” (Fall 2020)
  • “He was always ready to help however trivial the doubt was. He engaged us all and made the subject interesting.” (Spring 2021)

My overall teaching evaluations (out of 5) for recent semesters were 4.6 (Spring 2022), 4.7 (Spring 2021), 4.5 (Fall 2022), 4.7 (Fall 2021), 4.6 (Fall 2020)

Quantitative Text Analysis

LSE: Spring 2022 (MSc- and PhD-level)

Public Economics

LSE: Summer 2018 (BSc-level)

Advanced Microeconomics 1

London Business School: Fall 2017 (PhD-level)

Intermediate Econometrics

Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Spring 2017 (BSc-level)

Advanced Microeconomics 1

Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Fall 2016 (PhD-level)